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The Games Studio at (London) has a continuous production cycle of rich media slots and other casino games. With an emphasis on creativity, all products involve use of cutting-edge graphics, animation, video and sound.

Bonus feature game

In my role as Technical Lead I was directly involved in the design and asset production phase leading through to the front-end build. For example, I would combine creative animation coding with techniques to manage memory and processor limitations; so I would direct designers in asset production techniques. All slots bonus feature games were highly customised and required UML design, prior to integration into the generic framework.

Most games are primarily designed for a download client, the web demos on this page will require some asset loading at the start. Click on the image below to view a front-end demo of Enter The Kitchen slots.

Brand tie-in games

Sin City Creative Demo

The Sin City slots game was franchised from the film and comic books. This is a large content game with five different bonus features. The design extensively built on the existing Sin City themes; for example comic frames from the books were animated into 3D montages with After Effects. This work required regular approval from Dark Horse comics and sign-off from Frank Miller directly. The creative demo (link below) incorporates video, animation, graphics, text and some of the interaction coding in a slick and easily adaptable package. The demo (one of several) was built using the PureMVC framework and PureMVC State Machine add-on, to move back and forth between the different game views and easily change the order of the presentation.

Click on the image below to see the creative demo. Use the control panel buttons in the demo to navigate, there is also some interactivity in the screens.

Multiple language games

Score gamefeature game

All games require multiple language considerations in design and development. In some cases multi-language requirements go beyond text translation and general future-proofing to affect the whole design of the game. In the Score game built for the Euro 2012 football tournament, the user is able to choose one of thirteen teams to progress through the stages. The combinations of different kits on different players in different games required close collaboration between designers and developers from the outset. A process was developed that balanced the workloads of the design and dev phases to meet the deadline, and keep the game within the file size limit.

Click on the tournament features below, these are examples from a total of twelve games types. Each has a ''commentating'' phase at the start and end, and a different interactive section in the middle. Each game has different opponents.

Parsley framework coding

Parsley slots framework